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Our next REUNION FIVE-O is just around the corner (August 30 & 31, 2019) and we continue our attempt to get the word out, especially to those persons we have lost contact with over the years. The following is a list of persons we'd very much like to contact. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these "alumni," will you please advise them and/or advise us so we may attempt contact with them. Happy Hunting ...

Karen Ashworth, Perry Back, Ian Bailey, Elaine Babuik, Valerie Bergen, Gale Berkner, Nelson Billy, Doreen Bojczuk, Fred Bontron, Arlene Boon, Heather Booth, Eileen Bouey, Minder Bring, Robert Brosseau, Susan Brydon, Earl Buker, Carol Butler, Joe Campbell, Wayne Cambell, Eileen Charleson, Ronald Charlie, Orma Cooper, Bob Coutts, Karen Coutts, Dianne Crowhurst, Ross Dalpre, John Dashwood, Gloria Dobson, Sheila Doerksen, Marion Emery, Mary Ann Estok, Barry Faulkner, Bonnie Faulkner, Tom Ferguson, Ken Fleming, Nancy Fulton, Marcia Garner, Betty George, Lydia George, Keta Gill, Klara Glevitzky, Greg Goodfellow, Chris Grant, Anita Gurtins, Gordon Hanson, Ruth Harms, Ted Harms, Gordon Hart, Robert Harry, Mona Hayes, Valerie Henderson, Clint Hernbert, Gordon Hood, Rex Ireland, John Irwin, Randy Janzen, Virginian John, Randy Kieler, Pat Krompocker, Rhonda Lackett-Joe, Dave LaCroix, Gary Lans, Helen Laslo, Harold Larson, Elaine Liberty, George Lightburn, Brenda Little, Lucienne Lucas, Betty McCaw, Vaughn McArthur, Karen McRae, Mary McDonald, Sonja Madsen, Jim Mayfield, Marilyn Moase, Dan Monds, Robert Monroe, Darlene Nelson, Terry Nelson, Darien Neale, Terry Neufeldt, Eloise North, Bill Oliver, Don Ostrom, Harry Peters, Linda Powell, Dan Ralph, Eileen Redekopp, Ken Rempel, Robert Rock, Lorne Rockwell, Stan Ruffell, Ed Saffin, Judy Sakowsky, Diane Seaman, Chris Siddle, Dave Singh, Bonnie Simpson, Barbara Smiley, Sheryl Smith, Elizabeth Still, Cheryl Stoliker, Mike Steeves, Shirley Swanson, Steve Tamas, Judy Thornton, Penny Tolfree, Terry Town, Teresa Truscott, Keith Vickery, Carey Vivian, Stan Wade, John Wells, Harry Wierda, Tony Williams, Alice Kenyon, Vicki Simpson, Ruth Dean.
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If any of you know of the whereabouts of fellow alumni who are as yet unaware of the upcoming Reunion FIVE-O, might you please advise them of either this web site and/or the FaceBook site and have them make contact with us.
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