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Over the past few years I've taken many, many photographs and as I'm sure you can imagine, there simply is NOT nearly enough room to put ALL of them here on our Event Page(s). However, I also subscribe to a commercial storage program called DROPBOX. The reason I mention this is, as I've just stated, NOT nearly enough room here without purchasing extra storage space (as well as being somewhat more combursome to use) whereas, by comparison, DROPBOX is "in the Cloud" with much more storage available. DropBox does not really have provision for this MyEvent style, but the point is simple; Storage. So, if you sign on to DROPBOX, you must have a FREE account with DropBox, just simply send me a request for the appropriate photos and I'll send you back "A Secret PASSWORD" that ONLY you can use, with your DropBox account and therefore acquiring FULL ACCESS to ALL the photos I've uploaded for a particular event.
DropBox actually goes beyond this FREE account in that you are afforded 2GB FREE storage for yourself for doing actually the very same thing with your photos and then forwarding access to "family and/or friends." However, if you have need to exceed the FREE 2GB storage ceiling, you must PAY for it. It's not expensive for what it offers. I've been using DropBox now for about seven years.  Any questions, call, TEXT or e-mail me:
C: 250-851-5566
R: 250-554-5494

MSSS Reunion 2019
When: Friday/Saturday, August 30/31, 2019, at 6:00pm
32281 Lougheed Highway
Mission, B.C.

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MSSS Reunion 2019

Hey everyone from MSSS. As many/most of you know, we're attempting to keep this MSSS REUNION FIVE-O and HOMECOMING moving forward. Whether it be back in 1952, when MSSS was established, or for this year 1969, or any year in-between, come along and have an evening out with friends of MSSS. Chances are there shall be someone you know. The Meet and Greet is to be held August 30th while the actual Banquet, Dance and Social will be the following evening, August 31st, 2019. Give us a call as soon as possible if you wish to attend the Banquet for we typically require a minimum of two weeks lead time for the catering crew. Call Jean or Mark in Mission or myself here in Kamloops. Hope to see you there.

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MSSS Reunion 2019

February 17, 2019

Dear Students of Mission Senior Secondary School.

Well it’s the 50th Grad Reunion of 1969 and Homecoming for all other years!

We’re getting the word out early this year about the upcoming Reunion and Homecoming of year 1969. It will be the same format as in previous years, but this years dates are Friday August 30, for the Meet and Greet and Saturday August 31, for the Banquet and Dance.  Each event begins at 6PM, each night, at the Best Western Plus Mission City Lodge Conference Centre, 32281 Lougheed Highway, Mission, BC V2V 1A3. If you are interested in booking a room, call the hotel directly at 604-820-5500.

We have so many people interested already this year that we’re going to start selling tickets IMMEDIATELY in order to get an idea of how many are coming. Since students from all years have been contacting us, tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis with priority given to Grads and students of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Meet and Greet is no cost to you except for drinks or food that you may want to purchase.  Banquet and Dance Tickets are $69.00 per person which gives you a buffet meal, dancing to live music  (Bernie Motut and Rob Johnson) and lots of socializing.  There will be a bar available where you can purchase your own drinks.

Here’s how you can purchase your tickets:  

We won’t be taking payment at the door and there will be no refunds issued. 

e-transfer to   Please make sure that you let me know the answer to your security question. 

deposit to Scotiabank account # 602100401889  You can go to any bank to do this as long as you have the account number and my name. Please email me or phone me when you deposit and tell me the date, time and amount that you have deposited. 

send a cheque to : Jean Slusarchuk 8299 Blueberry Drive, Mission BC V2V5W4

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